We are engaged in various activities to protect the world’s oceans and fisheries from the town of Hirono, located in KITA ~SANRIKU, and to link them to the future.


From Hirono Town to the World! Creating the Future of the Region and the Fisheries Industry through Regenerative Sea Urchin Regenerative cultivation

At ICC KYOTO 2022, our CEO Yukinori Shimojitsubo’s presentation on the future of the region and the fishing industry through our business activities was selected as the winning presentation in the Crafted Catapult category.


Let’s enrich the world’s oceans with Kitasanriku’s technology. Let’s save the world’s oceans from desertification by eating delicious sea urchins!

We have raised 12,027,000 yen through crowdfunding for our sea urchin aquaculture project under the concept of “Let’s save the oceans from desertification by eating tasty sea urchins together!