What is “HAGUKUMU-UNI®︎”?

Reproducing the poor quality of the sea urchins that are being discarded as skinny sea urchins into tasty sea urchins.

In recent years, the problem of " Isoyake," or the dying off of seaweed beds along the coast, has become an issue, and it is believed that one of the causes is that marine organisms such as sea urchins have eaten all of the seaweed.

In order to stop the progression of isoyake, it is recommended that sea urchins be exterminated, but "skinny sea urchins" on the seafloor, where the seaweed beds have already died, are discarded because they are not productive and have no commercial value.

Kita-sanriku Factory has started an initiative called "Sea Urchin Regeneration and Cultivation," which aims to transform skinny sea urchins into tasty sea urchin products instead of discarding them.

This initiative will not only lead to a solution to the problem of Isoyake, but will also lead to the creation of local industry.

Nurture rich nature and community with a variety of people

The name of this new sea urchin aquaculture initiative was chosen with the hope of nurturing a rich natural environment and local communities.

Special Qualities of HAGUKUMU UNI®.

Although there has been much talk about cultivating sea urchins by feeding them with vegetable scraps as fodder, until now "cultured sea urchins" have faced various issues such as taste, stable supply of feed, and the time required to improve the harvest.

The aquaculture technology used in "Hagukumu Uni" was established in cooperation with Hokkaido University and other research institutions with strong expertise in fisheries research.

The combined knowledge and know-how gained from our long experience with sea urchins through "Uni Farm®" has created a special advantage that cannot be found anywhere else.

They taste similar to naturally grown ones

Through metabolome analysis, which examines the taste and its components, we have objectively evaluated the taste of cultured sea urchin and reproduced a taste similar to that of natural sea urchin.

Our developed feed makes sea urchins fat quickly.

Feed production technology was established through multivariate analysis of spectra in the near-infrared region. We were able to confirm an improvement of approximately 5.5 times in the yield of fish compared to before the start of aquaculture.

They can be eaten out of season.

By using feed for growing sea urchins, it is now possible to grow sea urchins regardless of the condition of the seaweed beds.

This makes it possible to produce and ship sea urchins regardless of the season.

About the Sea Urchin Regeneration and Aquaculture Project

In order to change the current situation in which we have no choice but to dispose of sea urchins that have become scarce due to lack of food due to rocky shore scorching, we have established our own "Sea Urchin Regenerative Cultivation" technology, which provides high-quality taste, availability, speed of growth, processing, and sales, and we offer total support to businesses troubled by similar circumstances, from starting an aquaculture business We provide total support from the start of the aquaculture business to shipping and sales channels for businesses troubled by similar circumstances.

Product informatuon

Kita-sanriku Factory has named this sea urchin, which creates the future of the fisheries industry through sea urchin regeneration and cultivation, "Hagukumu Uni® " with the wish to "nurture the rich natural environment and the local community together with various people" and ship it as a unified brand.

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