Establishment of high-quality, profitable sea urchin regenerative cultivation technology

We have collaborated with Hokkaido University and other research institutes and businesses to establish cultivation techniques to regenerate sea urchins that are discarded due to rocky shores and to improve their quality to a product level.

We then developed the “feed” to make the sea urchins tasty and the “cages” to raise them to the best quality. It makes the sea urchin of the highest quality and regenerates it as a valuable marine product.

Thus, we established the “sea urchin regenerative aquaculture” system and obtained a patent for it.

Utilizing recycled resources of seaweed, vegetables, and residues

In addition to establishing a method for recycling unused biomass such as seaweed and vegetables, we have succeeded in establishing a method for improving retention in water, and have acquired a major technology that will lead to the development of feed for sea urchin aquaculture.

Research and development partners: Hakodate Regional Industry Promotion Foundation, Nisshin Marubeni Feed Corporation、 Kitasanriku Factory、 etc.

Using multivariate analysis of spectra in the infrared outside range, we established a feed manufacturing technology. Based on this, we examined nutritional components other than seaweed and developed the formula feed HAGUKUMU-TANE®.

We have succeeded in developing a feed that improves fruitfulness in as short a time as 8 to 10 weeks.

Research and development partners: Hokkaido University, Ainan Liberacio Corporation, Kitasanriku Factory, etc.

Reproduce a taste similar to that of natural sea urchins

We have developed cages for sea farming and a land-based aquaculture system, and examined the profitability of sea urchin cultivation through various demonstration experiments. Using metabolome analysis, we quantified and compared the taste of cultured sea urchin, and succeeded in reproducing a taste similar to that of natural sea urchin.

Research and development partners: Iwate Biotechnology Research Center, Kitasanriku Factory Co.


  • Patent No. 7082388: Composition of Feed for Sea Urchin Cultivation (joint application with Hokkaido University and others)
  • Patent No. 7029133: Structure of a fish tank for sea urchins and a water tank for sea urchins.


  • HAGUKUMU-UNI HAGUKUMU-UNI (registered trademark No. 6569232)
  • Trademark Registration No. 6587059] HAGUKUMU-TANE HAGUKUMU-TANE