100 times the value in a short period of 2 months of regenerative cultivation implementation.

The sea urchins are placed in cages and fed with a feed developed by the company. By properly operating this regenerative aquaculture, it is possible to improve the sea urchin to shipping level in as short a time as two months.

The sea urchins cultivated with this cultivation technology and feed have a taste similar to that of natural sea urchins, and the ” skinny sea urchins in isoyake area” which used to cost 5 yen each and had to be disposed of, have been regenerated into sea urchins worth 500 yen each (5,000 yen for 1 kg) at the market price.



Sales of sea urchin made from regenerative cultivation

We have shipped fresh sea urchin made from regenerative cultivation in four areas since December 2022.

Kitasanriku Factory provides support for the sale of sea urchin produced by regenerative sea urchin farming.

The sea urchin, which creates the future of marine products through regenerative sea urchin cultivation, is named “Hagukumu Uni®” with a wish to “nurture rich nature and local communities with various people” and is sold under a unified brand name.