The highest quality natural Japanse sea urchin grown on the world’s only Uni Ranch®︎

The world’s only Uni Ranch®︎ is located in the town of Hirono, Iwate prefecture. Sea urchins are omnivorous, so the taste and quality of naturally grown sea urchins are inevitably consistent. On the other hand, ranch-raised sea urchins feed on natural kelp and wakame seaweed, which ensure high quality, uniformity, and stable supply.

Four-year-old sea urchins from Kitasanriku Uni Rnanch®︎ are carefully raised for a year at the Sea Urchin Cultivation and Fishery Center located near port in the town of Hirono, and then released into the sea. After spending approximately two years in the offshore fishing grounds, the young sea urchins are released into the sea. 

After spending about two years in offshore fishing grounds, fishermen transplant the young sea urchins to the Uni Ranch®︎( a propagation trench).After four years of growth, the sea urchin are harvested by fishermen and shipped from Kitα-Sanriku Factory.

“Uni Ranch” in Yono-cho, Iwate Prefecture