“Ranch” and “juvenile sea urchin” ensure high quality and stable supply.

First year

Juvenile uni are born at the uni cultivation center.

2nd to 3rd year

Uni are released into the open sea, and are raised in natural fishing zones.

Fourth year

Uni are transplanted to the Uni Ranch (into proliferation trenches) which spans 15 kilometers. They are fed wild kelp to make them delicious


After four years of growth, the sea urchins are harvested by fishermen and shipped from the Kita-Sanriku Factory.

Four-year-old sea urchins from Kitasanriku Uni Rnanch®︎ are carefully raised for a year at the Sea Urchin Cultivation and Fishery Center located near port in the town of Hirono, and then released into the sea. After spending approximately two years in the offshore fishing grounds, the young sea urchins are released into the sea. 

After spending about two years in offshore fishing grounds, fishermen transplant the young sea urchins to the Uni Ranch®︎( a propagation trench).After four years of growth, the sea urchin are harvested by fishermen and shipped from Kitα-Sanriku Factory.

We promise safety,  reliability under the strict hygiene control. Our products are additive-free.

Sea urchin harvested from the Sea Urchin Ranch® is processed and packed under strict hygiene and quality control at the FSSC 22000 certified.

During processing, no additives such as alum are used, and sterilized seawater is used for packing.

We control freshness.

In order to maintain the original vivid color, rich aroma, and rich flavor of sea urchin, we conduct thorough freshness control from landing to processing and distribution.

We strive to deliver products ordered under strict freshness control in the shortest possible time to meet your desired delivery date.